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Colin's been tuning cars since the 70's.

That's right. The 1970's. In fact he cut his teeth tuning police cars for RS Ford. His current Northern Monkey project car is a Nissan 370Z he's adding twin rear turbo's to. You'll be able to find out more about that project on our social media pages, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube ... and you can find links to those on our home page.
Richard is our "Remap Monkey" and he knows remaps inside out. Richard's NMT project car is the Honda Civic Type R shown in the video.
G is our "Design Monkey". He's responsible for Web Design, SEO and Marketing. His project car is a MK3 Audi TT S-Line, "mapped and modified" his TT doesn't look or run standard, they never have. Having owned 16 TT's over the years and having some featured in magazines, he's the one to see if you want to "mod" a TT. You'll see his current car in our Gallery.
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Remaps and Tuning

We believe reliability and drive-ability is as important as power and torque and therefore our maps have built a reputation for being some of the best in the tuning world. Using some of the most advanced and sophisticated tuning equipment available, combined with years of experience we are able to tune the vast majority of cars and commercial vehicles on the market today.
Unleashing the true potential of a vehicle, depending on customer requirements this could be simply to extract as much performance as possible or to generate the most amount of fuel efficiency from your remaps.
We pride ourselves on offering the best tuning solutions coupled with the highest of customer care, so whether you are looking for just better fuel economy from your commercial vehicle or more power with the better economy we will have a tuning solution for you.
Our maps are proven time and time again as reliable and effective. Even though we can offer incredible gains in power and torque, we also believe in safe and sensible tuning - that’s why our customers return time and time again. All of our original maps are backed up on a dedicated server allowing the vehicle to be reverted back to the original format at any point in the future.

Fuel Economy Remaps

We'll remap your car to provide better economy, this will save you money and can also increase performance.

Performance Remaps

If you're after sheer performance we'll remap your vehicle to get the maximum BHP and torque.


Hybrid Turbos | Coilovers | Uprated Brakes

Northern Monkey Tuning offers tuning and remaps, rolling road runs and vehicle mods in Yorkshire and beyond.

NMT  exemplifies this ethos and carries this philosophy through to basic servicing and customer service. We deliver outstanding service, performance and reliability in every aspect of business and trade practice. Everyone at Northern Monkey Tuning is a car enthusiast who love what they do. We look after all types of cars – Prestige, Performance, Classic, Fleet and Family cars. We offer a full range of mechanical services, including new car warranty servicing, performance accessories, modifications and all types of mechanical repairs.

We're also an MOT station and we offer the best auto electrical skillset in the area.

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Free Merch

Yep, free merch with every Stage1 remap or EcoMap, choose between a free Northern Monkey Tuning T-Shirt of a free decal and Stage1 OBD remaps are just £199 + VAT.
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About our Rolling Road

We're running a Dynokraft 2WD rolling road at our workshop, its good for up to 3000kgs, 186MPH and up to 1000BHP. So, pretty much most front and rear wheel drive cars on the road.
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